How we made £1,000 extra cash in a month!

…link inside for £40 free profit!!

We’re spending the 12 months before we travel earning as much as possible before we leave, hammering down those debts and saving up where we can but another key part of this is trialing lots of remote income avenues before we leave, and so we thought we would start keeping a record of this all here.

July earnings have come in way better than we thought at a whopping £467.32 in free cash, plus the income some other avenues over £1,000! Keep reading for a breakdown…

We could have earned more, this was about 50% input on our part, if we’d have put more time and focus in, we’re sure we could have doubled that.

So, how did we do it?

Number one was Matched Betting! Now bear with us, we thought it was a con too. Too good to be true etc, but we have that profit sat in our bank accounts right now. It does require a little cash up front but we made that back within 24 hours so it wasn’t ‘gone’ for long.

We used Profit Accumulator, which has some great tutorials, with your first two free account bets making £40 clear profit, no membership required.

Use the button below to go over to the website and if you do fancy signing up at some point, both of us will get a little reward…

Number 2 was surveys, Kerry did this one and made £15, again she could have made more if she had the time but free £15 is not to be sniffed at! That’s been withdrawn via PayPal vouchers and is in the savings account – there are plenty of survey sites out there but the one we use is Swagbucks, you’ll earn rewards in points, called SB, and you can redeem your points for gift cards or cash. 100 SB points is £1 in rewards.

Kerry is also teaching a lot of yoga classes and has been able to earn an extra £550 from that, some meditation revenue from Insight Timer plus one digital illustration and Craig had a couple of overtime shifts, which are few and far between, but that’ll cover the cost of the new kitchen worktop!

There are lots of ways you can utilise a skill, or take some training to establish a skill (such as teaching yoga, meditation and drawing in Kerry’s case and Craig is still learning the matched betting ropes), then turn that into a service or offering for sale or trade – we will post a blog on this soon.

Savings wise, we’ve been doing the MoneySavvyMum save £1k in a year and SkintDad’s 1p a day, where you put a little away each week/day from our day jobs and it adds up over the year, so far (since June 1st) we’ve put aside £172.30 – the idea is, it’s small amounts enough to not really notice.

Click here for links to the handy printable we’ve been using

To summarise;
£467.32 Matched Betting profit
£15 from Surveys
£25 from illustrations
£4 from t-shirt sales
£8.73 from Insight Timer (recorded meditation)
£550 from teaching yoga

= £1,070.05 additional income in July

What’s next?

There’s no doubt, this involves an investment of time and energy, especially since we both have ‘day jobs’ too, but we’re committed to the debt free dream!

In August we will focus down on the matched betting, we’ve paid for an annual subscription to Profit Accumulator because we really do think that this is a lucrative income stream for us both now and when we do leave, while we are on the road.

Kerry will try a couple of the free apps for secret shopping and keep on the surveys too and some more yoga of course including plans to start a yoga YouTube channel soon.

Of course there’s also an audit to be done on what we spend currently and where, there’s no point putting all this effort into earning extra money when we could be finding more in our pockets as it is!

We’ll keep you updated at the end of August…

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