Saving Money

Here you will find a selection of handy little tools on saving money, what we’ve done, tried and failed at – we’ll be super honest and share with you any tips and tricks in savings – especially when we’re in build phase!

Saving just 1p a Day
Skint Dad

This is an awesome tool for saving up – same principal as the £1 a day (then £2, then £3 etc) but with just a penny! Much more manageable than trying to find a couple hundred quids at the end of the year we think you will agree, we started 1st June 2021 and will go to 31st May 2022!

£1k in a year
Mummy Savvy Mum

Simply pick one box each week, save that amount and cross it off and in 52 weeks you will have saved £1,000!

Using a visual chart when saving is known to increase motivation and will help you stick to your money goal – ours is stuck on the fridge and we started 1st June 2021 as we did the 1p a day above.

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