Money Making Apps

We will be trying out a few apps in the coming months to make some money, we will share the details with you. These are on an iPhone currently but I do believe android versions are available.


This is cashback/surveys/games site that we’ve mentioned before, the app makes completing surveys so much more straightforward and portable so when you have 10 minutes here and there you could be earning some Swag Bucks!

Read more about Swagbucks and get yourself a little kickback when you sign up here.

Be My Eye

Secret shopping quests! Not actually tried this one prperly yet but this has little quests for you to complete and uses your location to let you know nearby opportunities. For each one you’ll earn a few pounds – will let you know how we get on!

Use my referral code for a little £1 boost when you sign up!


*New sign ups are currently closed but you can join the waitlist! *

Get rewarded for uploading receipts! You’re can only upload 1 receipt per store per day but if you remember to do it every time you shop it soon adds up! You’ll get £5 per 106 receipts. Additionally, you can earn points in prize draws and by completing quick surveys too). Bonus Tip: If you add at least 1 receipt a week you will also be added into a weekly prize draw.

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