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We are Kerry and Craig and we have converted an ex-army Leyland DAFT244 into our ‘tiny’ home on wheels, Penelope! We have vlogged our conversion journey so far, sold the house and have left the UK, embarking on our travels full time, documenting as we go on our YouTube channel, bringing awesome content and hopefully a healthy dose of inspiration. 

How we earn money on the road

The Travelling VA

We get so many questions asking how we afford to do it that I wrote it all down!

It includes how I set up, how I find my clients, what you need (and don’t need), contracts, managing difficult clients and some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way and how to avoid making the same mistakes I did.

We’ve also included bonus content such as things to remember when you’re a travelling VA and an insight to how I Manage Social Media accounts for my clients and other ways we earn money.

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Vlogging is our favourite way to keep you up to date with our travels, head over to the channel below!

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We update our Patreon only feed every few weeks with updates on the build, travel plans, remote income stuff, what’s going on with us and just general feel good vibes!

Cleaning up – our litter picking endeavours

The amount of plastic and other waste we find on our travels breaks our hearts, we pick up what we can but with your help we can pick up even more – help us build our kit to keep us safe and help us clean the planet in our own small but very meaningful way. 

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