Waterhaul Partnership

We are super excited to announce our Partnership with Waterhaul!

We’ve been looking for a way to make more impact with our litter picks, which is still super important obviously, but we wanted to do more, so we reached out to Waterhaul, who are doing some pretty great things with recycled ocean waste! 

So much of what Waterhaul does, from their mission of ‘Transforming Plastic From Our Coastline Into Purposeful Products That Inspire Action’, to their outreach programme PlaNET Action, aligns with our own values and mission to raise awareness and inspire the next-generation to understand the environment, why we should protect it, and to encourage innovative thinking. 

Not only that but we actually need some of the equipment that they provide! From high-quality, performance sunglasses to take on our adventures, prescription eyewear for the everyday, to litter picking equipment and beach cleaning knives so you can make a difference in your communities; all products utilise recycled fishing gear, turning waste into a valuable resource.

Our followers get 10% off by using the links in the buttons in this article, on our website and link tree and using code PENELOPE10 at check out. We also get to measure our impact with our reach too! Win-win-win! 

Also, for complete disclosure, we get 5% of each sale in commission, which we will put towards other gear such as black bags, gloves and other costs associated with our litter picking endeavours. 

We have more things in the pipeline in this mission, so watch this space, but we are honoured and excited to have the support of Waterhaul on this endeavour! 

Be sure to share your litter pick pictures, along with the gear you bought via the links above with us on Instagram and Facebook @penelopethetruck 

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