750kg of plastic waste removed (& counting)

We did the sums and with a full bag of rubbish weighing on average 10kg and so far 75 bags collected, that’s a whopping 750kg of plastic waste removed from the shores we’ve visited in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus so far. That doesn’t include tyres, large ropes and other large pieces that don’t fit inContinue reading “750kg of plastic waste removed (& counting)”

Our Carbon Truck Print

Full time ‘Vanlife’ (truck life in our case!) can be an exceptionally Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, if done mindfully.  Before we start, it’s worth saying that the carbon emissions of living on the road should be assessed case by case. While some people travel with others, use solar power, compost their 💩 and never litter, others willContinue reading “Our Carbon Truck Print”