750kg of plastic waste removed (& counting)

We did the sums and with a full bag of rubbish weighing on average 10kg and so far 75 bags collected, that’s a whopping 750kg of plastic waste removed from the shores we’ve visited in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus so far. That doesn’t include tyres, large ropes and other large pieces that don’t fit in bags either!

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Local AreaCoordinatesBags
Greece – Proscyna38.6395443, 23.16789991
Greece – Phydna Salt Flats40.3763549, 22.63220111
Greece – Amfipoli40.7791532, 23.86443273
Turkey – Ayayorgi39.3581293, 26.62339514
Turkey – Pamucak beach37.9472394, 27.27316502
Turkey – Gazipasa36.2952637, 32.26939353
N. Cyrpus – Cucuk Erenkoy Beach35.3624858, 33.663006212
N. Cyprus – Cape Kormakitis35.3910567, 32.92344755
N. Cyprus – Rizokarpaso35.5233267, 34.34433094
N. Cyprus – Golden Beach35.6409484, 34.54053352
S. Cyprus – Avdimou34.6575872, 32.76864851
S. Cyprus – Peyia34.8676164, 32.34307482
S. Cyprus – Polis35.0445010, 32.42728941
S. Cyprus – Pomos35.1741798, 32.55045084
N. Cyprus – Adkeniz35.3003683, 32.939731830
Bags only – not including ad-hoc items that are not baggable such as piping or large hessian bags

While this is a huge achievement, more needs to be done to change things. Just because an item is recyclable does not mean it will be recycled, there needs to be better infrastructure and education around the impact of plastic waste.

We are looking for contacts and partnerships with people and business making direct impact in these areas.

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Alternative products
  • Clothing brands

We want to work together to raise awareness, to change habits and behaviour.

We are all part of the problem, but we can do better, we can all be part of the solution.

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