2022 – Getting Ready to go!

Featured image photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

A new year and finally the year that we will be leaving.  There is SO much to do, and it involves digging up the foundations of our life as it is now, but before I start on planning ahead I’d like to look back at how far we’ve come since we purchased our truck back in December 2019. 

2020 saw the base go from army green to orange with a new sub frame and box build and a roof rack, then we refurbished the cab before sending her back off to JHEngineering for some upgrades. Thanks to the old ‘Rona we couldn’t pick her up until March 2021 but boy did she look gooooood.  New underrun boxes, some modifications to the roll cage, an awning, new ladders and that tyre rack! 

Once we got her back to the farm we set to work on kitting out the box and in just 9 months Craig (with a little support from me from time to time) had built out the whole furniture framework; a king size bed, shower and toilet, seating area, table, upper cabinets and with a full electrical, heating and water system without ever having done anything remotely like it before.  Oh and the exhaust break! Impressive or what? 

So 2022! This year we will be selling the house to consolidate the outstanding borrowing to build the truck.  We did think about renting, but we want a clean cut when we leave and not to have something to worry about back here. 

We will be finishing the build and then moving into the truck in the UK for a little while to save some travel funds before hitting the road towards the end of the year.  

This means selling all of our belongings, preparing the house for sale, finding somewhere near to work to park the truck for a few months, then selling the cars. We also have a couple of modifications to make to the truck to ensure that she is road worthy and prepared for as much as possible which involves a trip down to Jonathan’s again with a stop at Crouch Military Sales for a couple parts no doubt!

We will also be building up some remote income streams, trialling some things and scrapping some no doubt.  We’ll be blogging the journey to leaving, as it’s no small task to wind down your life and up sticks, as well as vlogging from time to time in the run up to leaving. 

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