Van life prep: Piles of Laundry for the win!

Create yourself a uniform

Ever left your clothes in a pile on top of the drawers so long you end up just using that as your wardrobe? Kerry does this all the time… so she emptied her drawers into a box and took it a step further, only putting those few things back into the drawer and you know what? Didn’t miss a thing in that box! 

We also found a suitcase full of clothes in the loft that had been there since we moved into the house, 3 years ago, so without even opening it up – off to the charity shop it went.

Now maybe all of this is a little bold – and you need to ease into it, that’s cool – you could create yourself a ‘uniform’, something you would happily wear every day, and a few variants of it (sometimes called a capsule wardrobe), put all other clothes away in a box… or split over a couple of boxes.  If after 90 days you’ve not dipped into said box – chuck it out! Donate it, eBay it! 

We’re not necessarily talking the stereotype minimalist uniform of 5x black jeans and 5x black t-shirts (although if that works – go for it!); Kerry’s uniform consists of 3 pairs of leggings, a few hoodies, long sleeved tops and two pairs of smart trousers for the office.  Office Kerry & Yoga Teacher Kerry co-exist in this wardrobe! Craig’s is cargo trousers and t-shirts basically – he already has a work uniform. 

Also do yourself a favour and get rid of all the clothes that you’ll fit back into ‘one day’ – they’re just making you sad every time you see them. 

We love having a ‘uniform’ because you don’t really have to think too much about what to wear – less choice – less time wasted and no clothes that are too small to make you feel bad about yourself – it all fits!

Craig has 17 coats at last count, maybe more now – he’s a mountain guide so a lot of them are technical (and technicolored) but he has promised that in the new year he’s thinning out the collection – we shall see! 

What would your uniform be?

Kerry & Craig

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

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