Van Life Prep: Slow it TF down

Slow TF Down…  Hustle Life has become a badge of honour, pushing ourselves to burn out all too often, making us sick and tired.  Some people thrive by being busy, some work all hours of the night, but maybe slower in the morning, or vice versa – all go first thing then afternoon naps (Kerry!)Continue reading “Van Life Prep: Slow it TF down”

Van Life Prep: The Donation Station

Let it go – create a donation box  Perfect for this time of year, but also all year round – put a donation box in the house, where everyone can see it and place an item in at least once a week, then celebrate with a monthly trip to a local charity shop and donateContinue reading “Van Life Prep: The Donation Station”

Van Life Prep: The bed is for two things…

The bed is for two things…  OK so day 7 of the Minimalists Month of Minimalism is ‘Get that damn TV out of your bedroom!’ But we don’t have a TV in ours.  We agree that the bedroom is for two things, neither of them involve box sets, we also only have our phones inContinue reading “Van Life Prep: The bed is for two things…”

Van life prep: Piles of Laundry for the win!

Create yourself a uniform Ever left your clothes in a pile on top of the drawers so long you end up just using that as your wardrobe? Kerry does this all the time… so she emptied her drawers into a box and took it a step further, only putting those few things back into theContinue reading “Van life prep: Piles of Laundry for the win!”

Truck life prep: Rituals, habits and van life mental health

Establish a simple morning ritual We’re not fans of check list  style routines, or giving yourself so much to do before you even start your day that your inner couch potato rebels before you’ve even had a coffee and that’s your whole day sabotaged – but we do believe in habits that contribute to yourContinue reading “Truck life prep: Rituals, habits and van life mental health”

Truck life prep: Make your bed, change the world!

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed An oldie but a goodie!  Most days we do make the bed, maybe 9/10 days – but we can say for definite that at the end of the day, heading to a bed that is made up is a lot better thanContinue reading “Truck life prep: Make your bed, change the world!”

Truck life prep: Tidy space, tidy mind?

Experience a calmer space This one perplexed us a little as it encourages you to tidy your kitchen by putting your appliances into cupboards, which is something we already do, but is that not just hiding things?  Perhaps we missed the point, we’re sure the idea is that if it’s put away, you don’t useContinue reading “Truck life prep: Tidy space, tidy mind?”

Truck life prep: It’s how you use it…

Every possession should serve a purpose and bring joy to your life This one strikes us on a day where we battle with the online world (ironic that we’re writing a blog about it for you to read online, no?) – but also the the concept that it is not what you have, but whatContinue reading “Truck life prep: It’s how you use it…”

Truck life prep: A month of Minimalism

This might seem a bit off-topic for a truck build blog, but this does fit very much with our plans, and aligns with our values!  We’ve just rediscovered and after starting their podcast (from 2016 – only a little bit late!) we’ve decided to take two of their tips on board; A Month ofContinue reading “Truck life prep: A month of Minimalism”