Truck life prep: Rituals, habits and van life mental health

Establish a simple morning ritual

We’re not fans of check list  style routines, or giving yourself so much to do before you even start your day that your inner couch potato rebels before you’ve even had a coffee and that’s your whole day sabotaged – but we do believe in habits that contribute to your mental wellbeing. 

One of the major challenges of van life, so we keep reading and hearing, can be the lack of routine and the isolation. Although we have each other, and we are very happy in our own company, we are naturally busy people; we like to work, we like to travel, we like to be on the move, so we are likely to find it challenging at times just slowing down our pace of life, although Penelope will do that for us a lot of the time – the old girl isn’t exactly fast… 

And so, Kerry likes to go for a walk first thing in the morning, Craig runs 3 times a week.  If we don’t do these two things between us, our moods are very clearly affected, if we do these, our moods are very clearly uplifted. 

There is a community out there of VanLifers who use the hashtag #supportvanlifers – if you’re ever find yourself in need, don’t forget there are people out here willing to help and to listen – if you’re not OK (and that’s OK!) reach out!

Not a van lifer? Check out your local Samaritans, Mind or other mental health support service – or if you’re in a good place right night perhaps just check in with a friend and ask if they’re doing alright.

Much love

Kerry & Craig x

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