Breaking out of comfort zones is HARD! 😣

We were talking last night about how much easier it is to stay where we are.

We are working so much to earn the money to pay back what we borrowed to build the truck before we leave (it’s no small sum), as well as selling the house, saving up, trying to establish income streams for while we are on the road, work the day jobs, second and third jobs and keep some level of sanity (feels like we’re losing on that count some days).

We understand why people do the ‘career, house, new car, expand, upgrade, work more, promotion, move, bigger car’ etc and use their annual leave to travel, the routine, the simplicity, we’d be very ‘well off’ by conventional standards and we do not knock this as life goals, or even consider it ‘easy’. But to us, that’s considerably harder than this. Conventional standards of a successful life in the UK are not what we want.

We’re both exhausted, but breaking generations of conditioned behavior and habitual life patterns was never going to be easy. The ‘on the road bit’ will come together, the house will sell, we will clear the debt.

Just a little longer…

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