Funding our travels

It’s no secret, we borrowed a lot of money to purchase our big beautiful orange queen and we want to leave for our first 12 month stint of travelling by the end of this year, and so we had approximately 500 days at the time of originally writing this post (early July 2021) to make as much money as we can to make a couple of lump sum payments from the loans and clear the credit cards. The house sale will be the ultimate repayment but we’d like to see some change from that to fund the travels themselves.

Before we go…

We’re selling everything we don’t currently use. Facebook marketplace currently and looking into other platforms than eBay because their fees are just not worth the effort!!

While we’re still here…

As mentioned before, we’re spending this next 12 months before we travel earning as much as possible before we leave, hammering down those debts and saving up where we can but another key part of this is trialing lots of remote income avenues and so I thought I would start keeping a record of this all here.

Click on the links below for the full posts on what we’ve been up to…

1. Matched Betting

This is not gambling, it has no risk and you use free money to make money!! Sound too good to be true? We know, but we didn’t realise it’s not a scam until we tried it…

Go to the Matched Betting Blog

Sign up to Profit Accumulator here

2. Surveys & Cashback

This one can be time consuming, but with the app on your phone, you can spend
10/20 minutes answering some questions and earning some cash instead of scrolling
through nonsense on your socials!

Go to the Swagbucks Blog

Go Straight to the Swagbucks site!

3. Money Making Apps

Yes this is a thing, it takes some time and effort but it can be done, think more surveys as above, but also logging your receipts and secret shopping!

Read more here…

4. Get a second job

I know, a lot of hard work, but our income from our second (and third) jobs goes straight into the savings accounts meaning we don’t sacrifice any more of our income than we need to. You can either look in jobs postings for evening/weekend work or set if you have a service you can offer, you can up as a Virtual Assistant? If you’re not sure where to start check out Kerry’s one to one private coaching course;

Check out the VA start up course here

We would never recommend anything we’ve not tried ourselves, good luck!

2 thoughts on “Funding our travels

  1. I tried matched betting a few years ago. I hit it very hard and extracted the maximum I could out of each company as quickly as possible. Looking back it was not the best strategy as I was gubbed (banned) from all the betting companies and still am. I did manage to make in the region of £14k profit from it, however, I am sure this could have been significantly more had I taken a slow and steady approach.

    Good luck.


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