Matched Betting

Number one recommended earner was matched betting, so we’ll be trying it out throughout July and we will get back to you! We’re using a common favourite, Profit Accumulator, and right now they have 7 days of their premium membership for just £1 (£26.99 a month thereafter) and we’re going to take advantage of that and learn everything we can but so far, we’re signing up for the annual membership once it’s ended.

What is matched betting?

Basically; making profit from the free bets and other offers from bookmakers, turning them into real cash!

Recognised as one of the most effective ways of making money online in your own time, some people have been able to turn it into their full-time job and what’s more, it’s totally TAX-FREE!

Is it Gambling?

No. With matched betting, you eliminate that risk element as any bet we place is ‘laid off’ at the exchange.

There are some great free tutorials over at Profit Accumulator, which we use, they explain it all really well.

Sign up for a free account and watch the tutorials here

Done this before? Or given it a try on this recommendation?
Let us know how you find it/got on!

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