Truck life prep: It’s how you use it…

Every possession should serve a purpose and bring joy to your life This one strikes us on a day where we battle with the online world (ironic that we’re writing a blog about it for you to read online, no?) – but also the the concept that it is not what you have, but whatContinue reading “Truck life prep: It’s how you use it…”

Truck life prep: A month of Minimalism

This might seem a bit off-topic for a truck build blog, but this does fit very much with our plans, and aligns with our values!  We’ve just rediscovered and after starting their podcast (from 2016 – only a little bit late!) we’ve decided to take two of their tips on board; A Month ofContinue reading “Truck life prep: A month of Minimalism”

Truck build set back?

So, as with everyone else, our lives have been massively disrupted by the current world health crisis we are experiencing at the moment. We started this year with a wedding, a honeymoon in India and plans of travel to Nepal (where we got stuck when they closed the airport) followed by work in France, MoroccoContinue reading “Truck build set back?”