Support our Camp Sites

We know the allure of the ‘wild’ spot, the off the beaten track hidden gems and the secret park up but these small businesses have lost a lot over lockdown so even if you are planning an ‘off grid’ trip, consider allocating a night or two in a camp site – doing our bit aContinue reading “Support our Camp Sites”

Join us at the Adventure Overland Show

We are so excited… Not only to finally do something social since we were locked down over a year ago, but Penelope should be ready (hopefully)! So we’ve booked our spot and are really looking forward to the Adventure Overland Show in June. Taking place on the 5th & 6th June 2021, The Adventure OverlandContinue reading “Join us at the Adventure Overland Show”

Kerry & Craig’s North Coast 500

With all of our travel plans for 2020 completely cancelled and our Penelope Plans having to  slow down, we decided to hire a van and spend a week driving, parking, walking, camping in the UK.  We had two options – North or South, but with children likely to be off school – we felt that theContinue reading “Kerry & Craig’s North Coast 500”