Clearing Out – Part One!

So the plan is to go from a small 2 bed house, to a large box. Compared to our friends and family, we have a super minimalist home, compared to minimalist homes, we have a LOT of stuff, so we took to the house and started our first clear out… 

Apparently ‘out of sight, out of mind’!  Two suitcases we hadn’t used in an age, boxes for things we no longer own and a whole host of old study books as well as Christmas decorations – we took what we could to the charity shop and put the books on eBay – we didn’t make much, but we made a little towards the now named ‘Truck Fund’ 

Spare bedroom 
A book case containing files and paperwork we never even looked at which housed the only thing we actually need which is the OS maps so we emptied and listed on Facebook Marketplace, along with our filing cabinet and a desk that we also never used! 

Our bedroom
Clothes mostly! A large part of this was easy, a lot of my clothes had been in the suitcases in the attic which I hadn’t even looked at in 2 years since we bought the house and so I was brave and just threw them out without looking at them.  Some of the prettier party dresses will be photographed and sold off (I never go out anywhere to wear them these days anyway and I doubt there will be much call for sequins and floor length gowns in the Truck!) 

An old laptop, several old phones, a playstation… it all went! Between a mix of FB marketplace and Music Magpie.

We have a LOT of books which we are selling on eBay mostly and anything that doesn’t go will be donated to charity.

So Craig had to tell me to stop at this point as I started to measure up our sofa… perhaps next time…

Once we are allowed to mix with other people we’re going to do a car-boot sale and hopefully raise some more money for the truck fund!

About Penelope

Penelope has lived her life until now as an army Leyland DAF T244

Our big beautiful girl currently weighs in at 5,400kgs and was a less than pretty army green (not for long, don’t worry), here’s a little more info on her;

  • Date in service 1995
  • Cummins 5.9ltr turbo diesel engine
  • 145 bhp (she’ll be slow on steep hills)
  • Max speed 89km/h (we got her to 55mph on the M56 the other day but 50 is more comfortable!)
  • Permanent 4×4
  • Hi-Lo ratio with diff lock
  • Air brakes
  • Power steering 
  • Seating for 2 + 1
  • Cargo capacity of 5000 kgs
  • Designed to cross a 0.5m trench, Ford at 0.6m

She cost us £10,000 in the end, and there were cheaper options (and more expensive of course) but we’re very happy with her condition so she was worth every penny.

She’s now a beautiful shade of Adventure Orange, she’s registered, MOT’d and insured, her cab looks like new and she’s had new lights and a new fuel tank, a roof rack, storage boxes and a fancy pants spare wheel carrier to name but a few. Take a look at her journey…

When we first met her…

The box being removed ready for her makeover…

From grim green…

To Adventure Orange!

The ‘Tiny House’ bit on the back…

For the most up to date progress on our build, check out our YouTube channel!