Camera Bag Upgrades!

Welcome to the family little one…

We’ve invested in some new kit! The Osmo Mobile 3 was good, but it’s a hefty bit of kit and we just couldn’t get on with it, so we’ve downsized to the DJI Pocket 2 – and it’s a beauty!

Small, compact and super light, we’re looking forward to testing it out at the Adventure Overland Show soon.

We went for the creator combo with the extra few bits, because we’re creators obv and we actually intend to use this properly.

A bit more info (taken from Amazon) below…

About this item

  • POCKET-SIZED: DJI Pocket 2 fits perfectly in your hand, bag, or pocket so that you can take it anywhere. When your journey begins or something suddenly catches your eye, Pocket 2 is ready to capture it all
  • MOTORIZED STABILIZATION: A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for smooth video on the move. This technology is also great for creative photos like handheld long-exposure shots
  • ACTIVETRACK 3.0: No matter how you move, Pocket 2 keeps you and your friends in the shot with ActiveTrack 3.0
  • AI EDITOR: Not into editing? AI Editor automatically combines your clips with transitions and music to create share-worthy content
  • IMAGE QUALITY: We packed the DJI Pocket 2 camera with photo and video abilities that let you create share-worthy content and make moments last forever. 1/1.7-Inch Sensor, 64MP Photo, 4K/60fps Video, Hybrid AF 2.0
  • DJI Matrix Stereo: DJI Matrix Stereo technology records audio with so much real detail, it lets you relive the scene
  • Lens type: Fisheye

FYI – doesn’t come with an SD card do you need to get that separately.

We can’t guarantee our content, or Craig’s dancing will improve, but we’re going to enjoy capturing some more footage for the upcoming episodes when we finally take Miss P out on the road!!

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A splash of colour…

We bought wallpaper – and we used spray glue to put it up – forgot how that stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

(Thanks @bm_stores for the BARGAIN!)

If you’re a patreon we’ve just shared where we’ve put this gorgeous paper – things are really moving along 🤩

You can support our plans for free by watching our videos and liking our posts, but if you want a little extra access why not join our Patreon for as little as £1 🥰 

Join us at the Adventure Overland Show

We are so excited…

Not only to finally do something social since we were locked down over a year ago, but Penelope should be ready (hopefully)! So we’ve booked our spot and are really looking forward to the Adventure Overland Show in June.

Taking place on the 5th & 6th June 2021, The Adventure Overland Show features mainly 4WD vehicles and will take place at Stratford Racecourse, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

However, given the crossover between the two types of vehicle (2WD & 4WD), the Adventure Overland Show and International Campervan Show have been blended into one giant event!

All types and model of van will be there from Land Rovers through to ex-military M.A.N. 8×8 trucks and of course DAF trucks like our old girl – plus so many more – all are welcome!

‘Bringing together those of us who love exploring the great outdoors, the joint event includes two full days of free-to-attend seminars (presented by both professional and amateur speakers), spanning a host of subjects covering 4x4s, 2WD campervans, adventure bikes and expedition trucks, traders galore including campervan and truck conversion specialists, clubs & their fire-pits, “Bushcraft For Kids”, incredible display vehicles, the “Travel Author’s Zone” complete with book signings, the “Adventure Bike Zone” and various interactive workshops … basically it’s the biggest and best event of its type in the land!‘ –

(from the AOS website)

Standard adult admission in 2019 (before the pandemic) was £15 per day (Saturday or Sunday), children under 16 years free. This admission charge has now been reduced … yes reduced … as we’ve introduced a ‘Family Fun Day’ on Sunday 6th June 2021.

Prices are now:-

Saturday 5th June 2021 ~ £15 per adult (children under 16 years free)

Sunday 6th June 2021 ~ £10 per adult (children under 16 years free)

Due to government restrictions on numbers attending, camping/admission tickets must be purchased online in advance via and when they’re gone … they’re truly gone!


Check out the FAQs at

If you can’t make it in June, the ‘Late Summer’ edition 18-19 September 2021 should be great fun too – we’re not sure we will be there yet but a lot of our friends will with their awesome trucks, vans and campers.

Will we see you there?

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Van Life Prep: Slow it TF down

Slow TF Down… 

Hustle Life has become a badge of honour, pushing ourselves to burn out all too often, making us sick and tired. 

Some people thrive by being busy, some work all hours of the night, but maybe slower in the morning, or vice versa – all go first thing then afternoon naps (Kerry!)

We can spend so much time just ‘doing’ that we’re not really ‘achieving’ anything – and is what you are doing contributing to your goals? 

It is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!

– a good few people actually

The point of this one is to slow it down enough to notice what’s around us, to take the time to stop and notice.  To slow but also to quieten and regain true focus

Some ideas; 

  • Get out for a walk, locally around the block or a more scenic hike but put the phone on airplane mode and go – for us, this is when the creativity really flows when we are outdoors and not distracted by the nonsense
  • Cook something from scratch, set the scene, make the table, no phones, really savour your meal 
  • If you must be busy – have a clear out at home, this is great for your physical space but also mentally letting go
  • Getting focused: proper planning rather than blindly doing – vision boarding and goal setting is fantastic way to really get your mind on the right track 

How do you slow it down and shush the nonsense?

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

Van Life Prep: The Donation Station

Let it go – create a donation box 

Perfect for this time of year, but also all year round – put a donation box in the house, where everyone can see it and place an item in at least once a week, then celebrate with a monthly trip to a local charity shop and donate to raise much needed funds for charity and offer much needed resources for those who might need them. 

We have a ‘one in, one out’ rule in our house – Kerry just ordered some new converse for example – but she must donate or recycle another pair of shoes to make room for them!  Good job her old trainers have a hole in eh? 

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

Van Life Prep: The bed is for two things…

The bed is for two things… 

OK so day 7 of the Minimalists Month of Minimalism is ‘Get that damn TV out of your bedroom!’ But we don’t have a TV in ours. 

We agree that the bedroom is for two things, neither of them involve box sets, we also only have our phones in there for our alarms. 

So we’re doing something a little different – no TV after 9pm.  A whole hour (because we’re old people and love a 10pm bed time) of no screen stuff, we talk, we play cards, we read… although reading at 9pm is a good way to get yourself to sleep quickly! Told you we’re old… may even make it 8pm soon… 

The plan is to have a projector in the truck for movies, we don’t intend on having an actual TV at all, but we do love a good movie from time to time so may as well make it a cinematic experience. 

Craig is the TV watcher in our house – Kerry can go days without putting it on at all, but she does spend a lot of time working on her laptop or Mac so she gets her screen time in that way. 

Who’s the TV fiend in your household? Do you have a TV in your room? Do you have a ‘no tech before bed’ rule? We’d love to hear about it! 

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

Van life prep: Piles of Laundry for the win!

Create yourself a uniform

Ever left your clothes in a pile on top of the drawers so long you end up just using that as your wardrobe? Kerry does this all the time… so she emptied her drawers into a box and took it a step further, only putting those few things back into the drawer and you know what? Didn’t miss a thing in that box! 

We also found a suitcase full of clothes in the loft that had been there since we moved into the house, 3 years ago, so without even opening it up – off to the charity shop it went.

Now maybe all of this is a little bold – and you need to ease into it, that’s cool – you could create yourself a ‘uniform’, something you would happily wear every day, and a few variants of it (sometimes called a capsule wardrobe), put all other clothes away in a box… or split over a couple of boxes.  If after 90 days you’ve not dipped into said box – chuck it out! Donate it, eBay it! 

We’re not necessarily talking the stereotype minimalist uniform of 5x black jeans and 5x black t-shirts (although if that works – go for it!); Kerry’s uniform consists of 3 pairs of leggings, a few hoodies, long sleeved tops and two pairs of smart trousers for the office.  Office Kerry & Yoga Teacher Kerry co-exist in this wardrobe! Craig’s is cargo trousers and t-shirts basically – he already has a work uniform. 

Also do yourself a favour and get rid of all the clothes that you’ll fit back into ‘one day’ – they’re just making you sad every time you see them. 

We love having a ‘uniform’ because you don’t really have to think too much about what to wear – less choice – less time wasted and no clothes that are too small to make you feel bad about yourself – it all fits!

Craig has 17 coats at last count, maybe more now – he’s a mountain guide so a lot of them are technical (and technicolored) but he has promised that in the new year he’s thinning out the collection – we shall see! 

What would your uniform be?

Kerry & Craig

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

Truck life prep: Rituals, habits and van life mental health

Establish a simple morning ritual

We’re not fans of check list  style routines, or giving yourself so much to do before you even start your day that your inner couch potato rebels before you’ve even had a coffee and that’s your whole day sabotaged – but we do believe in habits that contribute to your mental wellbeing. 

One of the major challenges of van life, so we keep reading and hearing, can be the lack of routine and the isolation. Although we have each other, and we are very happy in our own company, we are naturally busy people; we like to work, we like to travel, we like to be on the move, so we are likely to find it challenging at times just slowing down our pace of life, although Penelope will do that for us a lot of the time – the old girl isn’t exactly fast… 

And so, Kerry likes to go for a walk first thing in the morning, Craig runs 3 times a week.  If we don’t do these two things between us, our moods are very clearly affected, if we do these, our moods are very clearly uplifted. 

There is a community out there of VanLifers who use the hashtag #supportvanlifers – if you’re ever find yourself in need, don’t forget there are people out here willing to help and to listen – if you’re not OK (and that’s OK!) reach out!

Not a van lifer? Check out your local Samaritans, Mind or other mental health support service – or if you’re in a good place right night perhaps just check in with a friend and ask if they’re doing alright.

Much love

Kerry & Craig x