Van Life Prep: Slow it TF down

Slow TF Down… 

Hustle Life has become a badge of honour, pushing ourselves to burn out all too often, making us sick and tired. 

Some people thrive by being busy, some work all hours of the night, but maybe slower in the morning, or vice versa – all go first thing then afternoon naps (Kerry!)

We can spend so much time just ‘doing’ that we’re not really ‘achieving’ anything – and is what you are doing contributing to your goals? 

It is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!

– a good few people actually

The point of this one is to slow it down enough to notice what’s around us, to take the time to stop and notice.  To slow but also to quieten and regain true focus

Some ideas; 

  • Get out for a walk, locally around the block or a more scenic hike but put the phone on airplane mode and go – for us, this is when the creativity really flows when we are outdoors and not distracted by the nonsense
  • Cook something from scratch, set the scene, make the table, no phones, really savour your meal 
  • If you must be busy – have a clear out at home, this is great for your physical space but also mentally letting go
  • Getting focused: proper planning rather than blindly doing – vision boarding and goal setting is fantastic way to really get your mind on the right track 

How do you slow it down and shush the nonsense?

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

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