Truck life prep: It’s how you use it…

Every possession should serve a purpose and bring joy to your life

This one strikes us on a day where we battle with the online world (ironic that we’re writing a blog about it for you to read online, no?) – but also the the concept that it is not what you have, but what you do with it. 

The internet, social media, your smart phone; good or evil? Productivity or procrastination? I mean, for us it depends on the hour! (the procrastination – never evil!) But mostly, the intention for the way we share our content and message online is one of inspiration, motivation and growth, personal and community. 

Yes, we can end up in a spiral of pointless investigation from time to time, or a place of negative connection and comparison, but I think as long as you can ask yourself what you’re getting from it and answer truthfully, that’s a habit you can kick! 

As for stuff in the house – as I looked at the image on the Month of Minimalism blog (a white mug sat on a white surface) I packed up all but 4 mugs, the saucers we never use, the ‘spare’ set of dishes we have and some of our other kitchen ware we never use and will take it to the charity shop next week.

So to pose the question from the blog – what are you holding onto that no longer adds value to your life?  

Let us know! 

Click here for more details and lots of photos of our Penelope’s journey so far!

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