We’re taking a break from the build…

… but ramping up the travel planning! 

Our living room walls are plastered with maps, pictures and goals – Kerry has been listening to Big Ideas for Small Business on Audible (highly recommended) so we have 90 day goals, broken down into monthly goals – it’s great to have a vision for the end of February!  

If you fancy a free trial of Audible, use this link, we will get a tiny kickback!

She’s come a long way in the last 12 months, from Army Green to Adventure Orange, she’s travelled from Doncaster to Oldham and home to Warrington, with a brief trip to Norfolk for her crown and she hasn’t faltered – she’s a warrior is our Queen P! 

The cab has been stripped right back and treated, painted, sound proofed, carpeted and had new seats, seatbelts, lights – you name it, it’s almost unrecognisable!


She’s also had a new fuel tank, fuel lines and sediment filter and of course, her crown – the roof rack made by Jonathan of J H Engineering… we’re heading back there soon too for something exciting!

We think we’ve already blown the projected budget, we’ve yet to do the math – when we do we’ll let you know…

We’re excited for this next chapter, we’ve learned a LOT so far already and as we approach this next phase of the build we’re calling on all of our friends and family for advice (and to borrow their tools!); we’re about to learn a whole lot more. 

Stay tuned, follow us on our socials for the small updates and we will be back on YouTube properly with Season 2 in the new year! 

That’s it for now, but we will leave you with or motto;

Follow your dreams – they know the way! 

Kerry & Craig

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We’ll be updating our Patreon only feed every few weeks with updates on the build, travel plans, remote income stuff, what’s going on with us, the odd discount code for some of our awesome partners and just general feel good vibes!

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