Truck build set back?

So, as with everyone else, our lives have been massively disrupted by the current world health crisis we are experiencing at the moment.

We started this year with a wedding, a honeymoon in India and plans of travel to Nepal (where we got stuck when they closed the airport) followed by work in France, Morocco and Tanzania and of course, building our tiny home on wheels – Penelope the Truck!

Then things changed and everything, well, stopped.

We find ourselves now with all of the mountain events cancelled and Kerry’s events work in France also cancelled, which also means a massive loss of income. Not only that but the DVLA still has Craig’s driving license and of course no HGV driving courses are taking place so that’s also on hold.

But we also find ourselves with a truck load (boom boom) of TIME! We have had the opportunity to step back and reassess our plans, with financial restrictions we have broken our build into smaller phases. Once the box is built, we will fit the fixed bed frame and then add the rest as and when we can afford to!

We have fortunately had a bit of a brainwave with a slight adjustment on the layout too – which might have already been committed to otherwise since it involved where we have the door to the box!

Kerry’s work was a sad loss, mostly because she really enjoys the team she was working with and being busy running around doing 15 hour days is when she’s happiest at work. But the opportunity here is that perhaps we can focus more now on the remote income structure with her Virtual Assistant work, which we need to build in order to bring some income while on the road. Her illustrations are taking off though and we’ve had a couple of commission requests!

Atmosphere Mountaineering will be back next year with a whole load of rescheduled charity fundraising events and we are both very much looking forward to getting back out into the hills!

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